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Mousumi karim – Content Writer

Hello, this is Mousumi Karim. I’m a professional SEO content writer with an experience of 4+ years. I loved writing from my childhood – no I didn’t write for websites, but for my school magazines. I felt the competition to write the best essays in the class – well, I take pride in saying none ever beat me! That’s when I thought to take content writing as a freelancing career while continuing my study.

Back then I had a very little knowledge of SEO in the content writing. So I took an SEO learning course from Passive Journal and mastered my SEO content writing skill. I also got hired by Passive journal in 2022 for writing blogs and affiliate marketing contents for them.

Later I opened my very own freelancing agency Virtual Assistant BD where I targeted Instagram and managed to show my skills to many local business owners from the USA, UK, Ireland, Australia and some other parts of the world.

How Do I Work As a Content Writer?

Being a SEO content writer, to give you a simple idea of the steps I follow to garantee a reader friendly, engaging, simple and original SEO content, I go by these steps below:

  • Step 1: Making a list of LSI keywords according to the targeted audience.

First, I will go through your LSI keyword list if you share one. If you don’t, I’ll research according to your targeted audience and make a list of it for the SEO. I may add some new LSI keywords for the SEO even if you send your own list.

  • Step 2: Figuring out the keyword repetition for each keyword

To keep the keyword density in the content, I will research the competitors’ pages and make a keyword repetition list for each keyword. This will help the webpage rank higher on the search results.

  • Step 3: Writing the main content according to the niche of your business.

Then I will start writing the content using all the SEO rules for content such as H1, H2, H3 subheadings, keyword stuffing, title optimizing, alt text error, readability, internal links, external links, etc. I will write with a tone you want me to. In case I’m not instructed any, I write the content in a conversational or storytelling tone.

  • Step 4: Retouching the final product.

I will add relevant images, screenshots, or videos to the content with keywords in the photo title, check for any grammatical mistakes, and make sure you get unique and plagiarism-free content for your site. I know you will like the final product.

Other services by Mousumi Karim

Beside being a SEO content writer, I’m a video editor, web developer with experience of 3+ years, and 1+ years respectively.

I’ve undergone a web development course from Passive Journal as well. I’ve learned a good skill over Elementor and managed to develop some websites for my clients at home and abroad in the last year.

Video editing was more like a hobby to me at the beginning. My existing clients were pretty impressed by my Adobe Premier Pro skills and asked me to edit for them. I started editing their videos and meanwhile thought to learn more as I realized this is a great thing for a freelancing career. I know what you are thinking – no, I didn’t do any course in video editing from Passive Journal. Because unlike now, they didn’t have any video editing course 2 years ago.

I also give services like social media management, virtual assistant, graphic designing, etc with my team in my agency Virtual Assistant BD.

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